by Odds & Ends (O&E)

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The sky is turning grey It rains over and over again I let you escape But i wanted you to always shine on me You enlight the souls of all those That you touch. Born in the shadow Could i still hope to die in the sunlight Lies always win Should i throw out my heart in the bin. I waited for The lights of Relief. You will warm You will heal my wounds You will always guide me through the night You will rise You will hunt the ghosts. You will never stop to shine on my home You won't My eyes are bleeding Looking at you again and again. My wings are burning Trying too hard to reach you. Blinded by The lights of An illusion. Near by my side. The birds are singing louder and louder Hand in hand You are driving us far into the light I am your star, you are my sunlight
I feel like people under the rain Hoping that the drops never reach them. Never there or even never elsewhere. I only live in hope and i dont care. I put my mind off the Tales to be told Let me be enchanted of this Moment that we hold  Find this Beauty here in the Magic of this wink  Let go of this fear giving Space to every blink. I wander like a dog waiting for his treat  Looking for something that does not exist  Never sated i eat till to be sick. I only live to consum and not to think
I shed too many tears. My eyes are dry. My heart is empty But if you all loved me would i be happy ? If you all hugged me would i feel free ? Please lead me from the night to the light. Forgive me i was lost in the dark Don't let me walk alone and fall Alone, i'm nothing. I'am afraid to die. I'am scared to be alive. But if you were with me i would be happy. If you all left with me i would feel free.
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I'll never feel your hands on my skin. I'll never be lulled by the sound of your voice. I'd like to pull my heart out So that the pain disappear. I'd follow you into hell Just for a moment spent by your side. I'll never know the taste of your lips. You'll never be here when I will wake up.
I saw the sun disappear Without a word it left here Alone with my demons I sin It's so easy to destroy When we're blinded By too much wine And lies A flower is born from chaos It had your smell, the smell of our home. No lights to guide my steps I lost my mind and my face I was weak And cowardly It's so easy to forget When we wander From the straight And narrow


released September 15, 2017

All songs by Odds & Ends. Odds & Ends is Barbara Zimmer (Voice/Keys) and Mathieu Gueros (Voice/Guitar/Percussion). Viola and Trombone on Sunshine Hunter composed by Sylvain B from ALGO. Viola by Pauline Royer. Trombone by Rémi Pelissero. Recorded by Mathieu Gueros. Mixed and mastered by Igor Moreno. Cover by Ingrid Babin. Thanks to Karim, Sylvain, Ingrid, Matzeu, Popsy and Rémi. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Odds & Ends (O&E) Paris, France

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